Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Always something to say

The other morning as Ross was getting ready to leave the house:
EK: "I probwee go to work wiv Daddy today, I tink (think)."

While on the way to a softball game:
EK: "I just bein' shy."
Me: "Why are you being shy?"
EK: " People bodder (bother) me."

Playing in the dugout at our softball game:
EK: "Mama, can I keep pwayin' (playing) in dis cage?"

While I pushed her on the swing outside:
EK: "I swingin' high to Jesus. Hey Jesus! God wuvs you, Jesus!"

Proud to be a Mommy

Just a couple of pictures of me and my little ones on Mothers' Day.

Social Event of the Season

What do you do when you have a mound of dirty laundry to wash and fold, a sink full of dirty dishes, and several other household chores to do? You simply accept your daughter's invitation to the social event of the season, tea at high noon. When playing in her toy chest, EK came across her tea set and that started off our day of parties, two to be exact.

Here is a picture of the little hostess. Among those in attendance: Sir Emmett Wilson as seen below eating some tender young green beans...mmmm.

Who knew a star puff would get such a reaction?

Here is the party getting under way.

Miss Priss wore her tutu, of course, along with some jewelry. She started out wearing a pair of her plastic heels but opted for bare feet.

Miss Bunnadette "Bunny" Grace was also in attendance.

This being Little Man's first tea party, Miss EK had to show him that he would indeed have his own tea cup and not the whole pot.

He seemed okay with this and kept his paci close by.

As Miss EK said herself, the tea was "dewishous".

Miss Bunny played shy as her photo was snapped. Of course, this handcrafted pink plastic bead necklace was on loan.

Miss EK pointed out the fine craftsmanship.

The host took time to show her appreciation to Sir Emmett for his attendance.

She even tried to loan him some of her personal jewels but then realized that she would be running the risk of having the valuables eaten.

As the high noon tea party concluded, the guest each took their respective naps and decided to have yet another gathering in the afternoon hours.

This is Miss EK showing off her "squishy" frog.

As you can see the afternoon tea began with lively conversation, as well as some more guests (sitting on the bed).

Always the hostess, Miss EK wasted no time in serving Miss Bunny.

Sir Emmett and Miss Bunny decided that a staring contest was in order.

The above contest brought on much laughter.

Once again Miss Bunny was captured showing off her elegant style. She thoroughly enjoyed getting good use out of her Derby hat.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The many faces of Little Man

I do realize that Emmett wasn't shown in the previous post. That's because I wanted to give him his own post. Emmett is eight months old now. He is usually a jolly little fella. He likes to jabber. He thinks that Bunny is the greatest thing ever and that his sister is hilarious. He likes to be put in his crib around 7 pm with clothe diapers to snuggle up to and his pacifier. He is terribly ticklish. He loves to take a bath. When I bathe him under his little chin, he laughs his little infectious laugh. If you like a good belly giggle then he is your guy. He enjoys playing 'Wheeeerrrree's Emmett?'. He is always amazed that he has a hand and then he discovers that he has two hands and well, that pretty much keeps him occupied for a good while.
We love our Little Man and know that he is a blessing from the Lord.

While EK planted flowers, Emmett chilled by the pool.
On the swing with Poca Doc and EK.
Check out those baby blues.

"What was on my finger?"

He's a jolly little guy.

"Whoa! Hands!"

"What you talkin' bout?"

This one needs sound effects.

Emmett smiling at Pawpaw (also Emmett).
Sleeping on his Meme.

Cows, Flowers, and Chicks...Oh my!

All of these pictures are from a recent trip to my parents' house. You see my brother, Daniel, was visiting. Actually you won't see him because I didn't even get a picture of him. Oh well.

Ellie Kate did visit with Grammy. That's always a treat!

Ellie Kate helped Nana plant some flowers. She enjoyed herself. A runny nose and dirty little hands made for a pretty messy face.

I tagged along to the barn where Poca Doc showed EK some chicks. She liked to put the fluffy little guy in her hat.

We helped Poca Doc look for a new calf.

To the right is the new little guy spending some time with his mommy.

To the right is EK enjoying the beautiful weather.

EK walked along the fence with Mama Kitty. She couldn't quite coax her down.