Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Tea Party

Being the social butterfly that she is, Miss Ellie Kate Kilpatrick knew it was time to host another tea party.

First in attendance was Miss Bunnadette Grace, known to those closest to her, as 'Bunny'.

Although appearing nervous at first and displaying some shifty glances,

Bunny quickly settled into the usual small talk.

The pleasantries subsided as Sir Emmett Wilson Kilpatrick made his appearance. He was distraught to see that this gathering had nothing to do with the outdoors or motorized vehicles of any sort.

However, being the gentleman that he is, he quickly pulled himself together and accepted a cup of tea.

Always hounded by curious onlookers, he felt the need to shield his face from the cameras.

After Bunny returned, things took on a more serious tone.

This was until Sir Emmett felt the need to relax.

More tea was poured.

And hilarity ensued.

The comfy chair was shared.

And then Bunny channeled her inner Star Trek and struck a pose.

Sir Emmett, terribly impressed by Bunny's ability to keep a straight face, made his way once again to the comfy chair.

Bunny felt the need to excuse herself.

Ellie Kate, ever the hostess, took in the unusual mingling of her guests, completely amused.

A good time was had by all and Sir Emmett even considered wearing something other than his pajamas for the season's next social event which he desperately hoped would have nothing to do with jewelry, tea, or the color pink.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since Christmas...

this is how they roll.

I did not realize that Ellie Kate needed a hot pink Escalade, but that's what grandparents are for, right?
Thanks Nana and Pocca Doc.

Here she is backing out of the garage, passenger in tow. Butler's expression captures the severity of the situation.

We like to say that Emmett has 'his mind on his mommy and his mommy on his mind'.

He always rides with his little elbow hanging over the side.

It actually has AM/FM radio.


Friday, April 9, 2010


My computer will not upload any photos :(
I have gone back through my picture files and found some things that I wish I would have posted.
I'll begin with Ellie Kate riding her scooter for the first time.

Grammy & Pawpaw gave her this for her birthday...

last August.
These pictures were taken in September '09.
Butler doesn't seem to understand that his life is in danger.

In the next two pictures, EK is trying to give me a thumbs up.

I think she felt pretty safe with her Dora gear.