Sunday, December 28, 2008

THE Christmas post

Kilpatrick Christmas 2008

The nativity set above stayed in Ellie Kate's room. As I went in to get her out of bed one morning she said, "Mama, I sleep good and so did Jesus!"

Above is Ellie Kate enjoying Christmas at home. She was content with her stocking stuffers which included play dough, fruit snacks, and hello kitty band-aids. She came to my rescue later that morning when I cut myself shaving. Of course she just had to put on her new Elmo slippers. She ended up wearing those that night when we attended a Christmas Eve service with my parents.

Emmett found Christmas to be a pretty exhausting time. He could often be found catching a nap while sporting his Auburn onesies.

Pocca Doc was content on Christmas morning holding EK who was holding Emmett. Little Man is so hot natured so we decided to cool him off by letting him lounge around in just his diaper.

This is EK after getting her Pottery Barn Kid's kitchen set. She spent the day in her pajamas with her apron and Elmo slippers on. The next day she woke up and said, "Good morning kitchen."
And in case you cannot read her shirt, it says "Little Miss Chatterbox".

EK and Emmett got to spend some time with their Meme. It's hard to tell who was more excited.

Ross and I managed to catch some snuggle time during all of the festivities.

This is my absolute favorite picture. Little Man looks enthralled with his daddy.

Pawpaw says, "Merry Christmas".

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We visited with lots of family and friends. It was an honor to celebrate the birth of our Savior among so many that we hold dear. As this season comes to a close let us be found faithful to not leave Jesus in a manger, but to carry Him with us in the coming year to reach a lost and dying world. I will close with a poem that my husband wrote:

Ye, Gathering Saints of Heaven blessed
Once filthy rags--now righteousness,
Once hardened, darkened, and in sin delight
Now brought to glory by His might,
Once wretched, dirty, wondering ones
Now redeemed and holy--heirs as sons,
Let nothing on earth prohibit thee
From worship of the Prince of Peace,
Let no angel's, no demon's, nor dark realm's plans
Keep thee from lifting holy hands,
And in worship never fail to see
Your Holy God who saveth thee.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emmett says........

Merry Christmas!

He is growing so fast that I went ahead and got pictures of him in his Christmas outfits weeks ago while he could still wear them.
As you can see below, Emmett has found his hands and he is amazed by them.
Meanwhile, Bunny, the Christmas chihuahua is spreading Christmas cheer. (I think I hear Ross gagging in the background.)

What Priss has been up to.....

Since we live right next to the church, we basically have a playground in our backyard. On pretty days we definitely take advantage of this. EK loves both the swing and the slide. Bunny just gets added for the photos. She's thrilled.

And then in these completely unstaged pictures, I found Ellie Kate outside in a dainty slip sitting in her rocking chair having some Bible reading and prayer time. She's just at that age where kids like to be quiet and reflective. (HaHa)

Monday, December 15, 2008

At least there's basketball...

Ross and I recently took the kids to Auburn's exhibition basketball game. (This was actually before Thanksgiving, but let's just pretend for a moment that it hasn't been 3 weeks since my last post.) You may notice that there's not a picture of EK with Aubie. We talked about him all the way to the game. She was so excited to see him, but only from afar. I took her down courtside to get her picture with him. When we got face to face with Aubie, EK's eyes got really big and without looking away from him she said, "Wet's go sit down", followed by, "Wet's go see Daddy." Then all the way home she said "We go to the game. We not get a picture."
We did have a good time. It was just a little tiring with two kids in tow. As you can see, Emmett was all about the concessions.