Friday, March 5, 2010

Conversation with Ellie Kate...

Let me set the scene. Last week (in January) I'm laying down with EK on her bed for 'just a wittle while' before she goes to sleep.

EK: "Mewwy Cwismas!...It's not Cwismas."
Me: "You're silly. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Whose birthday is it?"
EK: (giggling)"Santa Cwause....Jesus' birthday".
Me: "That's right. And Jesus is God's Son."
EK: "Where's God."
Me: "In heaven."
EK: "Is God dead?"
Me: "No, baby."
EK: "Is Jesus dead?"
Me: "No, darling. Jesus came to earth as a baby. He lived a perfect life. Then He died on the cross for our sins. But he came back to life and now He's in heaven. Jesus forgives us of our sin."
EK: "I still have my sins."
Me: "Well sin is when we do something wrong. One day when we talk about it some more, maybe you'll want Jesus to take away your sins."
EK: "Did Jesus take away your sins?"
Me: "Yes, baby. He did."
EK: "Does Emmett still have his sin?"
Me: (Thinking,"Wow!")"Emmett's too young to understand just yet."
EK: "Are we gonna die?"
Me: "One day we will, but Jesus will be in heaven waiting on us."
EK: (Being ever so much the three-year-old...)"Are we gonna pooooopy one day?"

This of course is followed by lots of giggles. And in that moment I know that our deeply spiritual conversation has come to a close. Now she just wants to say silly words and giggle.

Other things she's said recently...
After seeing me frustrated during the morning, I laid down beside EK when she going to take her nap:
EK:"Mama, you need to wissen to God. He doesn't want you to be mad."***************

Emmett screaming after his bath while I'm trying to get him dressed:

EK:"Mama, he needs to think of his attitude."******************

EK walking into the living room:

Ross:"Ellie Kate did you toot or did your shoe make that noise?"

EK:"No. That was my butt."*****************************

Praying for her Daddy before her nap:

EK:"Dear Worwd, we pway for Daddy dat he won't fall off his car and dat his car won't bwake. And dat he will bring us some cookies to make. Tank you for Daddy. Amen. We need to pway for Asterick (the child that we sponsor) dat his boo boo on his head will feel better. Dear Worwd, we pway for Asterick dat he will come to our house and give him a car. Amen. (Looking at me) God needs to give him a car."*******************

In the bathroom talking to me before she goes potty:

EK: "You need to go out and cwose da door so I can have some popasee (privacy).