Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work with me people...please?

Ok, here's the situation. EK used to go to bed beautifully. After Ross and I would sit on her bed and sing with her, we'd have a little prayer time, kiss her goodnight, and then we would exit the room. She even asked me to leave a few times so she could go to bed. It was great. Then there was a gradual change. I would start to put her to bed and when it was time for me to leave, she would come up with all of these requests which included things like, "sing me some more songs, get me something to drink" and so on. Then she would literally freak out when we left her room.

One night she came out of her room five times in a row. She would be disciplined each time, but it didn't seem to matter. We would put her back in her room and she would scream and throw herself around in an all out fit. The fits were horrible! On one occassion, Ross came out of her room and told me that our child was possessed. I agreed. We would finally just hold the door so that she couldn't come out of her room and after a very loooong time she would give out and go to bed.

The above mentioned would take place in spurts. One night would be the sweet, little princess child giving us goodnight kisses. The next night would be the head spinning, pea soup spewing munchkin. Keep in mind that Little Man would already be asleep just down the hall. EK's fits would wake Emmett up on occassion not making mommy very happy:(

Now we're at the point where it's every night. When I'm about to leave, she will have the most panicked look on her face. Her eyes will be as big as saucers and I can see that she is 'bout to lose it. So lately Ross and I have taken turns laying down with her as she says, 'for a wittle while'. Now we're at the point that we lay down with her until she falls asleep.

Last night was the topper. I layed down with her. She said,"Mama cwose you eyes." She dozed off and I left her room. A couple of hours later, when I was getting a nice, relaxing bath, guess who comes in crying with crazy hair and a bink, bink (blanket). No, it wasn't Ross. It was Prissy Mae. So she layed on my bed and waited for me to finish up. I then walked her back to her room and layed down with her again. She dozed off, I left the room. During the night, she woke up screaming/crying two more times. Both times found me back in her room laying down with her.

Ross and I have researched 'tantrums' online. We read about toddlers and learning to help them control their emotions. EK will say, "Mommy, pway I not scream. Pway I not cry. Pway I not get out of my bed." I tell her that I will pray with her, but that it is her choice to do or not do these things. I tell her that she has to choose to obey mommy and daddy. The thing with EK is that this only happens at bedtime. It almost seems like more of a seperation issue.

Have any of you dealt with this? We have prayed and continue to pray about it. I just thought maybe some advice from some other mommies could be helpful:)

And yes I am typing this with a good 'ole cup of coffee in my hand:))

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Party

On August 22nd, we had a par-tay for EK and Emmett at my parents' home.
The first two pictures are some that I took a couple of days before we left to give as gifts to our guests.

We decided to swim before and after the festivities.

Meet Minnie (Mae) Mouse

We went with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme since both EK and Emmett like to watch this cartoon.
The topper is actually a bank.

Mommy & Daddy with the Birthday Boy.

Emmett with his smash cake. EK helped me make it. She kept saying,"Emmett's going to be so pwoud."

I'm thinking I may have one of these for my birthday. A smash cake, not another baby:)

He enjoys getting cleaned up.
Presents! Christmas in August.
EK got a scooter.
More swimming.
So...very...sleepy. Riding in the wagon that they got as a present.
We got home late that night. EK slept the whole way. I carried her in the house and sat her on the couch. She was crying from being so exhausted. I told her that I would bathe her. She said,"Do you have some bubbles?" I told her that I would give her a bubble bath and she then said,"I don't want one. I don't feel so happy wight now."
While we unloaded the car, she fell back to sleep. That bath was postponed.
At home the next day pushing her new cabbage patch kid in her new stroller.
We had such a wonderful time celebrating these two precious lives that the Lord has entrusted to us. Ross and I were once again overwhelmed by the kindness of family and friends in showing their love for our little ones. We are SO blessed to have many people who love us and our children. We do not take anyone's involvement for granted. We are grateful for each act of kindness and generousity shown to our family.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Much Mommy guilt...

as I'm just now posting about this.
Emmett turned one on Sunday. I never even thought about making a post because I was sick. Thankfully my mom met Ross on Monday and took the kids to her house. We do love our Nana!

So anyways, "Little Man with a Plan", as we call him, had his first birthday which seems so very crazy! Since EK's birthday is on the 31st, we decided to have one big party on Saturday at my parents' home. I'll do a seperate post with pictures from the party later.
Below is obviously a picture from the hospital.
This picture was taken at the birthday party.

I did manage to snap the final two photos on Sunday.

Emmett really is a sweet little fella. He still seems to think that EK is the funniest person ever. He assumes a crawling position and promptly flops forward on his tummy. He then proceeds to drag himself rather quickly to wherever he wants to go. He has mastered his johnny jump up. He loves the time that he gets to spend in there. However, I have learned not to put him in there with a full stomach. You see he loves to spin in circles which led to a recent episode of his projectile vomiting in a circular motion in the jump up. Little Man loves bathtime. His hands are still the greatest thing ever. He is also fascinated with wheels. He is a terror in his walker. My heels can testify to that as they have served as a stopping point on several occasions as I was in the kitchen and did not move out of his way fast enough. He jabbers...alot! I love to hear him do this. I went into his room the other morning and was greeted with a sweet 'ma-ma'. Yeah, it was great. His laugh continues to be contagious. He is our blonde-haired, blue-eyed Little Man and as EK would say, "I'm gone eat him aw up!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bunny's Birthday

What a day! Bunny turned either 8 or 56 today. Of course, we celebrated.

What a classy chihuahua.

EK helped me make Bunny's birthday crown.

Look at that smile!

"Let the festivities begin!"

EK let Bunny borrow her Elmo candle from her 1st birthday. After we sang "Happy Birthday", EK helped her blow out the candle. I wonder what her wish was. (You don't have to give me your answer in the comments section:)
At this point Bunny was devouring some cocktail weenies with cheese.

My guess is that Bunny will spend the day celebrating by taking a nap and avoiding the kids. Emmett couldn't be bothered by all of this. He was too busy playing in his johnny jump up.