Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Official Big Boy Haircut

Wow, how the time flies! I haven't updated this here bloggy blog in 2+ months. It's hard to even know where to begin. So here's a semi-recent post: Emmett's first official haircut.
Up until this point, Ross and I had taken turns restraining the little (powerful) guy. As the pictures will show, I am an advanced preggo and therefore I have absolutely no desire to wrestle a 2 year old. We also wanted him to have an 'even' cut for once. So we decided to try taking him to get a haircut.
I was seriously dreading the whole experience.
But thankfully, the little guy did excellent.

EK and Emmett checking out products.

A little game of chase with Daddy.
Getting the sucker ready.

Such the big guy.

Sister and Dorothy look on.

Just a little longer.

He's almost reached his limit. He started telling the lady,"No, no."

Cleaning him up.

EK got a sucker, too.
A look of relief on mommy's face.
Of course, I had to cry just a little bit when we got in the car. This is my Little Man that's growing up way too fast.
Our next stop was pizza and then on to find our Christmas tree.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have no fear...

Suuuuuper Ellie Kate is here!

These were taken several months ago, but we are still feeling very safe around here:)

Daddy/Daughter Date Day (August)

Ellie Kate and Ross went to a volleyball tournament in Auburn. They got to see Troy play and win!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Memories captured...


While Ross and I were on vacation, we had some pictures made so we could remember the two of us at 30 years old, after 7 years of marriage, expecting our third child. Be sure to turn up the volume. The slideshow is set to such a sweet song. I wasn't even aware of the music at first, but when I rewatched the slideshow with the music...tears.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Party

Since Emmett and Ellie Kate's birthdays are only a week apart, we decided once again to have one big party for them both. We chose my parents' home as the central location.
We are so blessed to have such supportive and loving families to help us celebrate these two precious lives.

Nana and Pocca Doc rented a blow up castle.

I endured the sauna to snap some photos of EK.

Such a silly girl.

Emmett cheesin' for the camera.

And here we have the two Emmetts.

Ellie Kate and Mawmaw read a book.

Bunny soaked up some love from Meme and reminisced about her own party.

Ellie Kate was delighted when Addie showed up. We were so excited to have Addie and her parents there to celebrate with us:)

Ms. Jennifer ,who is due a few days after me, braided Ellie Kate's hair to match Addie's.

The girls thought that everyone needed stick on earrings...and I do mean everyone.

And here are the cakes. Cars for Emmett and Hello Kitty for Ellie Kate. You can see the castle in the background.

Prissy Mae looking so grown up.

Little Man figuring things out.

Family of four shot.

And then it was time to open presents. Can anyone say Christmas in August?

This Little Man loves a car.

Ross, I mean Emmett, was excited to get a racetrack with cars.
Meme and Poppa got Emmett and Ellie Kate each a Hotwheels.

After all of the presents were opened, we headed outside to swim.

I love how excited Emmett looks here.

And these are our Pawpaws with stick on earrings. (An odd sentence to type:)

Ellie Kate hugged Addie when it was time to go.

Later, Grammy and EK relaxed with a book.
Below are Ellie Kate and Emmett back at home enjoying some of their gifts. Yes, that's a drumset. I think Emmett may be training for Supermarket Sweep. I heard him the other day saying,"One, two, free, go!" and then observed him pushing this shopping cart at high speeds.

And this little couch has provided just enough room for Ellie Kate and Emmett to sit next to one another and take in a movie.