Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back tracking...Before Christmas post

Finding our tree...

At home decorating the tree with Bunny.

Attempt at a family photo.

Trying to get a picture of the kids together.

EK with her friend, Lindsey.

Another attempt at a family photo.

December 19th at Mama Tat's.
Ellie Kate and Anna

The four great grands.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is for our Little Man

Emmett is 15+ months now. He has definitely let us know recently what some of his likes and dislikes are. He can be a very opinionated little guy.
I believe he would stay outside all day long if I let him.
He enjoys bathtime.
He has a very healthy appetite and his mommy still lets him have his bottle.
He creates an insanely high pitched squeal when things don't go his way. He can go from calm and happy to red and furious without much warning.
He still thinks that EK is the best thing ever. He finds her to be quite funny.
He likes all things automotive.
He thinks that putting shoes on him is a form of abuse.
He pulls up on everything. He's yet to walk. He crawls like a pro and darts to open doors at a surprising speed. He also considers it to be his personal responsibility to close all doors.
He jabbers alot and can say a few words. He can often be heard singing "e-i-e-i" over and over. For the longest time I would ask him questions (not expecting an answer) and he would say "um hmm" like he understood exactly what I was saying. So now I'll say,"Emmett do you love your Mommy?" To which he will usually reply,"um hmm" or "yea".
He is our blonde haired, blue-eyed boy and we are 'gone eat him aw up' as EK would say.

This is Butler or "But", as Emmett says.

Below he is his jammies. I did put a jacket on him. Does that make it an outfit?

Watching cartoons with EK.

Messy Little Man.

Sleepy baby.

His jammies say 'mommy's little monster'.

This last picture was taken after I put shoes on him for the very first time.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, I am just now posting our pumpkin patch pictures. I'll spare you the excuses for my tardiness. On to the pictures...

Loading up to go on the hayride.

Most moms probably wouldn't post pictures of their child crying.

EK got to pet the rabbits...

and the goats.

Emmett didn't trust the goat. He had his pacifier to protect.

Little Man didn't cry the whole time.

We really enjoyed the stables.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. It makes me laugh.

EK posed next to a pony that was more her size.

I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids.

Farmer Ellie Kate.

EK even got to grind some corn.

A look of determination.

How do you pick just one?

Emmett needed a break.

Family photo...take one...

and take two. That's about as good as it got.

This picture illustrates why I call her Prissy Mae.

She enlisted her Daddy to help.

Me and my little ones. I was so glad that the weather was chilly.

Silly faces:)
We had such a good time even though Emmett wasn't in the best mood. I'm convinced that he would have stayed on the hay ride all day. Of course, the next pictures I took were of both kids asleep in the car.