Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jack turns 1!

Newborn Baby Jack

Goodness gracious.  As I live and breathe how in the world is my baby turning one? On the other hand I feel like asking,"Are we sure he isn't turning 5?" 
Whew, what a year!
Coincidentally Jack's first year is also the year when I found the most grey hairs in my head.  Actually that's not completely a coincidence.
Our little fella has had some kind of a year.
His sickness at 8 weeks of age was alot to absorb.  Truly, I believe that one of the Lord's graces was in allowing me to operate without fully comprehending my surrounding circumstances.  He really carried us through that difficult time.
I've shared this with many, but I can vividly remember one of the most calming moments during that whole ordeal.  Ross and I had just been told of the reality of Jack's condition.  We were reeling from the words spinal tap, meningitis, and "he needs to be airlifted to Children's hospital".
I sat in the hospital room and heard the helicopter flying overhead.
I approached my baby as they were wheeling him to the elevator.  I told him that he was my big, strong boy and that I loved him. Then the medic who was taking him looked at me and said,"I'm going to take care of him."
And I knew that he would.
And I knew that He would.
As we walked to our car in the hospital parking lot, we saw the ambulance make it's way to the launch pad.  We stood watching, tears streaming down my face as my sick little one was lifted away. 
There was so much comfort in knowing that so many were already praying for him.
And today on his 1st birthday he is a happy, healthy, loud little person.
On his birthday.

God is good.
Jack is a blessing through and through.
As I reflect on it now, it amazes me that during this year of crazy transitions, health concerns, and concerns in general, God saw fit to place little Jack Watson in our family. No matter the chaos He has used our sweet baby as a continual reminder of His goodness and blessing in our lives. 
The presence of such innocence is a beautiful thing to behold.  That sweet, perfectly round face.  That jolly chuckle waiting to spill out with an abundance of drool.  Oh you gotta love a baby!  Especially this one.  Jack is my little Rooster.  His hair is in constant rebellion as it stands straight up, reaching ever higher and waving in the breeze.  When I bathe him and slick his hair down with water, I almost feel as if I've turned him into a little business man.  Of course, it dries quickly and "poof", my jolly, little fun loving guy is back.
One of my absolute favorite things about Jack is his "singing".  He is a songbird. I fully expected him to release a holiday album.  That baby sings like no other.  He's kindof like Buddy the elf. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear."
Seriously, we went through a period of time when Jack would wake up and sing at about 2 in the a.m.  I would tell him that it was so pretty, but could we please wait a few more hours?
He still takes a bottle during the night.  It is so precious to return to my room and listen to the monitor as his little self sings until he falls back to sleep. I have walked into his room and found him singing in his sleep.
Oh, and it's always an original piece. It's usually goes something like this...."AaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA..." and so on and so forth.

He is so ticklish.  I love to tickle him just so I can hear his precious laughter bubble out.
He has started doing something that Emmett did when he was a baby.  Jack raises his chin toward the ceiling and scrunches his little face up.  The Mommy melts every time.
He loves to watch anything that Emmett does.  Emmett usually calls him "Baby Dack", when prompted to acknowledge this little one who has hung around. Jack has those big ole' baby blues just like his brother.
Sucking his thumb & holding his Lovie
Mommy & Jack December 2011
Fathers' Day 2011
Jack & Ellie Kate April 2011
He also finds Ellie Kate to be rather entertaining.  I'm just hoping that he will start talking soon because currently Ellie Kate has a little voice that she pretends is his.  She feels safe behind her vocal disguise and allows all blame to sit squarely on her baby brother's shoulders when saying any silly words.  I'm not sure she knows any other kind of words.  In previous months she has mentioned that "Baby's don't have brains."  Hmmm....I'm wondering when she thinks those develop.   Anyway the sooner Jack can speak up for himself, the better.
Jack is a grabber and a thrower. It seems that nothing is ever fully out of his reach.  Oh yes. Do not be fooled.  He is a ninja.

This picture cracks me up.
In the mornings when I walk into his room I am usually greeted by him clapping his chubby little hands together.  Is there a better way to start one's morning? I think not. 
We are smitten with our little Jack Jack.                
Surprise! You get to dig in!
Happy Birthday Baby Jack!
" My Little Wooster"
Eating it up!
We love you!