Friday, June 8, 2012

A, um, "dreadful" Tea Party

(For Rebecca)

It was to be a tea party like any other that Miss Ellie Kate had hosted numerous times before...or so one would think.  She began by whittling down her guest list to include only three guests; Miss Belle, Miss Rapunzel, and Miss Bunnadette "Bunny".  How was she to know the rudeness that would come from one of those guests?  She had never combined the word dreadful with one of her tea parties, but with table set and conversation ready to flow, sadly this event would include tense moments and would be an abrupt change from the joyful parties of old.
Miss Ellie Kate greeted her first guests and posed for a photo.  And next to arrive, fashionably late was Miss Bunny. She chatted, making small talk and exchanging pleasantries.

And then the known fashionista made her daring reveal.  Yes, today country western was her mood as reflected below.

Miss Ellie Kate was rather amused by Miss Bunny's choice of clothing and as hostess she quickly approved of the whimsy that Miss Bunny's clothing provided to the sometimes staunch atmosphere of society events.

Belle was quick to compliment Miss Bunny's ensemble.  It seemed as if Rapunzel would follow suit.

And then out of nowhere Rapunzel raised her hand and commented snidely about Miss Bunny's outfit.  Miss Ellie Kate sat with a nervous smile across her face.  She could not believe what was unfolding before her very eyes!  In her own words,"I was thinking that was mean. That's all."                          As the verbal assault continued, it was noted that Miss Bunny chose not to stoop to the level of Miss Rapunzel.  Everyone knew that the unkempt mane of Miss Rapunzel was a wide open target at which, if chosen Miss Bunny could aptly hit the bulls eye  with an unkind remark of her own.                               
And in that moment when Miss Bunny chose not to be rude, Miss Ellie Kate ever the gracious host, stepped in to the defense of her battered guest.  As Belle sat at the table with a painted on smile backed by an unmade bed and unfolded laundry, Miss Ellie Kate pointed directly at Miss Rapunzel and said,"Stop."  Never had there been a more appropriate word spoken. 

And as Miss Ellie Kate turned to speak with Miss Bunny, it was noted that in the classiest act of what was to be this season's social engagements, Miss Bunny had removed both her hat and bandanna and slipped quietly out of the party.  She did so having never spoken a word of contempt nor even disdain toward Miss Rapunzel.  No, with dignity intact Miss Bunny having made a fashionably late, grand entrance simply made a calm exit choosing to let her silence speak the loudest of all.
  When asked to reflect on her tea party Miss Ellie Kate said,"Dreadful. That's all." 
And in a daring act of loyalty toward the graceful Miss Bunny, the hostess with the mostest, Miss Ellie Kate ban Miss Rapunzel from her tea parties.  In a statement to the press Miss Ellie Kate clearly expressed her feelings,"What does banned mean? (I told her.) Oh yeah, that's it. She's not going to (attend another tea party) until it's 10 years."


Yancy and Joy said...

Love. Love. Love.

Rebecca said...

Not another thing in this world could have made my that's WEEK!...any better!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love, Rebecca

The Riley's said...

Best. Story. Ever. Love it! Made my day :-)

holly said...

gotta keep laughing! love it

black tag diaries said... i just peed in my pants a little. so glad miss bunny left with her dignity. gawh... that rupunzel... so rude.