Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Dis Daddy'

At lunch today EK said the blessing. It went like this. "Dear Gawad, tank you for dis food. Ayymen." I said,"Why don't you thank God for Daddy?" She bowed her head again and said,"Dear Gawad, tank you for dis Daddy. Ayymen."
Oh how we love 'dis Daddy'! I put together a few random pics of him with his little ones.

Easter '08

Play-doh at Christmas '08

August '08

"Two babies." -EK

Daddy and the new Big Sis.

Start 'em young.

Going on a date. March'09

"Can you say Daaaddyy?"

Easter '09

May '09

June '09
I had to make myself stop adding pictures. In our short time with our children, Ross has made wonderful memories with them. He is an amazing father.
Happy Father's Day!

Relay for Life

In June we attended the local Relay-for-Life. Our church put up a tent. We had plenty of food and fellowship. If you've never attended one of these events, I would encourage you to do so. It is quite moving to see those who have fought and survived cancer as they take their victory lap around the field. We have several in our church who were able to make that trip.

Survivors taking a lap.

Then the families joined in to show support.

Emmett always has someone to hold him. This is Lauren and Eva.

After dark, the luminaries light up the entire track. This one was my 'Poppa's'. He lost his fight with cancer in December '07. The Lord blessed me with some amazing time with Poppa before his passing. He loved babies and it tickled him to hear EK call the cows.

Daddy and Emmett. EK was visiting my parents and attending VBS at their church.

This one's pretty self explanatory. The husband got out of line and I had to tie him up. According to the picture, I am the sheriff in town.

There was no rest for Little Man. He took care of that wild horsie.

Me and my hubby... before I drove away.

EK is not understanding these pictures. After seeing this one she said,"You got a new car?"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some more...

Pictures, that is. A couple of Sundays ago it was gorgeous outside so I took the kids out after church for a quick photo shoot.
EK loves Little Man.

I was able to catch some great shots of Emmett and yes, I do kiss those cheeks.

Bunny preferred the completely shaded area.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Here are a few of our teammates.

We are just ending our season with the church softball team. This is the first time that our church has had a team and yet we somehow managed to get put in the "A" league. Yowza! All in all we have had a really good time. Lessons of humility have been learned and we even squeaked out one win. Most importantly, relationships were made and the Gospel was shared.

Little Man is not in the below picture because he likes to go to bed a 7:00pm. Thankfully we have a very gracious couple in our church who would let us drop him off on the way to the games. Thanks Ron and Cindy!

I had to post this one because of all the curls. I believe it was slightly humid that night. No matter the outcome of the games, EK would always tell us that we did a good job.
I wish I would have taken the camera to our last game because EK got to run the bases afterward with her daddy. I think she's already faster than me which isn't saying much.


It's been almost two weeks now since we took this trip to the local nursing home. We have a lady in our church named Mrs. Joanne who visits on a regular basis. This time we tagged along and I am so glad that we did.
As you can see in the picture below, Emmett was excited.

EK loves going anywhere. I loved this picture of the kids with Ross.

EK was somewhat shy in the beginning.

She loosened up some when we sat with the singers and joined in.

Emmett was all about singing. He joined in as well.

We made a couple of visits to some residents before leaving. EK held Mrs. Joanne's hand.
It is so sweet to see how these people light up when we bring the kids.