Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Tinkin'

Me: "EK do you want to sit on the couch and snuggle with me?"

She is laying on her tummy on the foot stool with her legs stretched out in the rocking chair behind her. Her head is being held up by her little hands. She's propping on her elbows.

EK: "No. I waitin' and tinkin' (thinking)."

Me: "What are you thinking about?"

EK: "I just tinkin' bout movies."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camping Out

Ross and I went camping about two weeks ago at Chewacla State Park. He got camping gear for Christmas and we had been wanting to try it out for a while. We decided not to take EK this time and that was definitely a good decision.

The weather was perfect. We hiked back to a beautiful waterfall and climbed around on the rocks. We returned to our campsite to have some sandwiches. However, that is hard to do when you don't bring any bread. That was my fault. We went to a sub shop instead. But we did eat our supper outside. Doesn't that count?

After supper we got in the tent and played cards. We ended up watching several episodes of Frasier on our laptop before going to bed. We had two sleeping bags but no blow up matress to speak of. Ross snuggled up to a few roots during the night. I don't think they were very cozy.

The next morning we had planned on cooking breakfast. However that's hard to do when you don't bring a pot to boil water in. Once again I will accept the blame here. We opted to pack up and head to Cracker Barrel.

So that was our first attempt at camping. We were really roughin' it, right? Be assured that our camping future has a pack list in sight with a blow up mattress and ALL of our needed amenities on it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not thinking happy thoughts.

My computer is being very frustrating so before I drop kick it, let me tell you about our Easter.
Oh and the fact that the spacing is uneven in the previous post, well that drives me crazy.

We had an egg hunt on Saturday at church. EK found,"a wot of eggs", as she said. Emmett had one egg and was perfectly content.
Let me just say that I have an awesome husband. He bought a big rabbit costume so that the kids could get their picture with the Easter Bunny. Then he had them grab a seat while he, I mean the Easter Bunny, shared the story of Jesus and how he is ALIVE. As you can see he did not preach in the bunny costume on Sunday morning. Probably wouldn't have had the same effect.

Sunday we had a wonderful worship service. I love to sit under my husband's preaching. I know the effort he puts forth during the week in serving the Lord. I see many of the hours that he spends getting his sermon ready. So on Sunday when I hear him boldly proclaiming the Word of God, well I just feel fed. Sunday was extra special because the sermon was all about the very fact that we serve a RISEN Savior. What reason we have to celebrate!
After church we snapped a few quick family photos. We even caught some with everyone looking in the same direction. Cars driving by are a major distraction for Emmett. (Shiny objects distract me.)

Anywho, we headed over to have a delicious meal with several members from the church. EK was able to hunt eggs yet again. Ross got to play football. Emmett was passed around and loved on. I ate candy that EK had found. It was a good day.

The day ended with EK chasing Ross around the house saying, "Come here ya stinka' ".

We had a great weekend and we look forward to family traditions we will have in the future as we strive to teach EK and Emmett about our RISEN Lord.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last Sunday we had Emmett's dedication service. We felt so encouraged to be surrounded by our families as we took a vow to raise Emmett to know the Lord. Ross was honored to perform this special ceremony.
What an unspeakable privilege and responsibility with which we have been entrusted. Close and Loosely (W. Ross Kilpatrick)

I’ll hold you close, son, and loosely,
So that one day you’ll surely know

That though I long to hold you near
I’ll give you room to grow.

I will hold you close by my side
As you learn to take life’s steps

As you reach out into this great big world
As you explore its heights and depths

I will hold you close and teach you, son,
So that one day you will discover

Why I brought you up to fear the Lord
And to honor me and your mother

I will hold you close and emulate
The Christian life that Scripture teaches

So that you might see the Son in me
And give your heart one day to Jesus

But…I will hold you loosely son
Because you’re a gift from Heaven

That you might trust the Lord with all of your heart
And lean not on your own understanding

I will hold you loosely in my arms
For there is a plan to accomplish

I will prepare you for the journey ahead
By teaching you to follow the Word—God’s compass

I will hold you loosely in my heart
Because one day I surely know

You’ll grow up to be a man
And I’ll have to let you go.

So, son, I will hold you close…and loosely
Through both clear and stormy weather

So that through the years you’ll always know
That you’re daddy’s little treasure.

Grammy & PawpawMawmaw & PawpawNana & Poca DocMeme & PapaMeme, Papa, Erica, Kara, & KayleeTrevorAunt Jennifer (She sang during the service.)Ellie Kate & Kaylee
They love each other.

We would like to thank all of our family members who have shown us so much support. We love you all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


She's got her own! This is EK's recent outfit. We were walking over to the church for a Saturday event so it was a perfect opportunity to get all dressed up.

Take note:
When still wearing polka dotted pajama pants, it is only appropriate to wear shoes with the same pattern.
If you do not feel like fixing your hair, simply throw on your pink Easter hat.
Always wear jewelry.
No outfit is complete without a tutu.

Admittedly I love EK's ensembles. It tickles me to see her clomping around in her plastic high heels decked out in ALL of her jewelry. That's my Priss for you. She is her mother's daughter.

Nursing Home Visit

Our church gave the residents at the local nursing home with March birthdays a party complete with presents and cake.This is EK arriving with Mrs. Joanne and Mrs. Jeanette. She asked,"Are we gone tell dem about Jesus?" This is EK sitting with Mrs. Jeanette. In the past she has told me that, "hers my granmudder."

Here are Emmett and EK upon arrival. EK walking around.A picture with one of the residents. EK was not shy. She would ask each one,"what's you name?"

This lady was about to take EK for a ride on her motorized wheelchair until I stepped in.
Taking time out for refreshments.

Emmett visited with some ladies while EK mingled.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The fact on things...

This is just how Bunny feels.
Don't hate the chihuahua.


I wanted to share another one of my husband's poems.

What it will Cost by W.Ross Kilpatrick

An angel in Heaven asked Jesus one day,
"You'll redeem the world in what way?
By war, by wealth, by power, by fame,
by persuasion, gifts, treasures, or gain?"

And Jesus replied in calm of voice,
"Why, the Father's will is my only choice.
By thorn, by nail, by spear, by cross,
Not from that I will gain, but from what it will cost!"

And a rich man asked Jesus one day,
"What must I do to follow your way?
Be good, do right, and keep the law.
I've done all these since I was but small!

Good standing with God I'll always retain,
With all that I've done to earn such a gain!"

Yet Jesus replied,
"Consider all you have as lost,
Ask not what you've gained,
but what it will cost."

And then I asked Jesus one day,
"Will thou, Oh Lord, my soul save?
Forgive me from sin and save me from hell,
Make me a conqueror and let me prevail?"

Yet Jesus replied, "Take up your cross
Count all as lost
Ask not what you'll gain
But what it will cost!"