Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Once upon a time...

By:  Ellie Kate
Once upon a time there was a little girl there was another little girl and there was a dog and it was a girl.  There was three boys.  Our dog is very old. Her leg been hurting her.  She got hit in the eye by a car. Emmett, he been always funny.  Ellie Kate, the little girl, she played duck, duck, goose with Emmett.  Daddy he always has to do work.  Mama she is a great cook.  (Hence this is a fairytale.)  And Jack the little baby he is sooo cute.  Jack one time he smashed my doll house.  One time me and Daddy went on a daddy daughter date date. We ate ice cream. Both of ours had chocolate ice cream.  We both had a cherry on top.  Daddy he didn't want his cherry.  I ate mine first then I ate Daddy's.  I sneaked up to his ice cream and stoled the cherry. Daddy said,"Where'd my cherry go!" I told Daddy that I stoled it.  He got my goat.  That was the end.

Safety first

You can never be too careful.