Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Date

It's safe to say that Ross set a new precedent on his and EK's last outing. After eating at Chick-Fil-A, Ross and EK headed to Petco. When they returned home later that evening, they had a goldfish with them. EK was so excited. She named the fish 'Sleepo'. Of course she pronounces it, "Sweepo".

Daddy and EK having some lunch.

Arriving at Petco.

Taking a picture beside her new pet and aquarium.

Here's Sleepo. We had to explain to her that she wouldn't be able to hold him.

She was excited to see everything set up in her room.

Silly faces:)

I told Ross that this date would probably be a hard one to top.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We recently started having a family worship time. It takes place in the mornings. Ross gets out his guitar and plays some songs while we all sing together. He then reads a daily bible verse or scripture passage followed by prayer time. Ross even made up a great little praise song that gets EK and Emmett dancin'. EK sings 'pwaise da Woard'. It is so precious and we desire to keep incorporating this time of family worship into each day.

"The advantages and blessings of family worship are incalculable. First, family worship will prevent much sin. It awes the soul, conveys a sense of God's majesty and authority, sets solemn truths before the mind, brings down benefits from God on the home. Personal piety in the home is a most influential means, under God, of conveying piety to little ones. Children are largely creatures of imitation, loving to copy what they see in others."
-A.W. Pink