Monday, September 28, 2009

We always have plenty to celebrate this time of year. Ross turned 29 today. Yes, he's nine months younger than me and don't think for a minute that he ever lets me forget it.
As our tradition goes, we are about to watch his favorite movie, Cinderella Man.
Ross, your's is a life worth much celebrating. I love you so much!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lovie Dovie

I couldn't let the day come to a close without making mention of my hubs. Today is our six year wedding anniversary. All of the cliches' have proven true. He is an amazing husband. He is my best friend. I cannot (nor would I want to) imagine my life without him. I love that man!
This morning I began writing in his card..."six kids and two years later". Yeah, mama was a little frazzled. Gladly we are heading to the beach on vacation. Just us. Me and him. And you know what? Right next to him just happens to be my favorite place in the world:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New posts

One is showing up on August 27th. The other is showing up under yesterday's date.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

She's three...

And has been since August 31st.
She is my Little Prissy Mae. Whoa did our lives ever change when she came along! She has been such a blessing to us and our families. She is usually sweet and always talking. Always. Constantly. Talking. She is my child:)
Since she accompanied me on my doctor visits during my pregnancy with Emmett, she loves going to the doctor. She doesn't meet a stranger. She has no reserve when it comes to asking, well, anything. She loves (and this is an understatement) going to church. She tells me that,"all da people will be dere."
She is an animal lover. (Yes, much like her mommy.) Yet she takes it a step further and is interested in snakes.?! Since spending time with a neighbor's pet snake named Lois, Ross and I have drilled it into her little head that Lois is the only nice snake in the whole world. Ross has an Aunt Lois so it sounds pretty funny when EK tells us that,"Aunt Wois won't bite me."
She LOVES her little brother. She calls him her 'wubby'. She likes to put Emmett to bed at night with us and say his verses. She walks out saying,"Sweep tight wittle man with a plan".
She also is always up for playing with her Daddy. She loves for him to chase her down the hall or tussle and tickle her on our bed. When he puts her up in the air over his head, she says,"Puggly wuggly."
We love this little one and could fill up many a page with the things she says.
Bless her little heart, she's been sick ever since her b'day. She told me yesterday that,"My wittle neck is scratching." Thankfully she takes medicine well and even told me that it was 'wonderful'. Hopefully she'll be all better soon!
Priss Priss

Brand new!

Thanks for everyone who commented on my last post. Your pointers and encouragement were greatly appreciated!