Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yeah, she carries a chainsaw.

That would be my Mama.

She is indeed chainsaw certified. If you know Brenda, then the former statement should strike fear into your heart.

She does nothing half way.

And to this daughter, well, that is one of her most enduring qualities.

My Mama, God love her, has had to raise this brat of a child.

As I type now, also the mommy to three little people, I must say that I have no idea why I've made it this far. Looking back, I would have definitely, without a doubt, given me to the circus. (Notice I didn't say 'sold'.)

In my life, my Mama has proven to be one of my greatest encouragers.

She forgives well and loves much.

Her generousity is best shown by the fact that she is a part of a disaster relief team that will be going out this week to help the victims of the April 27th tornadoes. She will be wielding her chainsaw. She will be towing her Kawasaki mule. And dare you stand in the way of her relief efforts, well, you best be ready to face the consequences. She packs heat, my friend, in the form of a little pistol tucked away in her car.

She is an amazing Mama to me and my siblings.

She is an amazing Nana to all four of her grandbabies.

And she continues to give of herself to those who need a word of encouragement or a chainsaw with a sharp blade!

I love you, Mama! I hope it has indeed been a Happy Mother's Day!