Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mr. Kilpatrick has a birthday

Yay! Today Ross is catching up with me...for a little while.

Love, love, love, this man.









That's my man.

And yet he is so much more.

I often tell Ross that I am so glad that I get to do life with him.

That includes celebrating.

His life is definitely one to be celebrated!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For the Love!

8 years people. 8 years!

I hate that I can't scan some photos from our wedding day, but that's how it goes with my computersaurus. I can't even upload new pictures!

Hmmm...the main thing that I remember about our wedding was that I was completely unconcerned with the details. I just wanted to say "I do" to Mr. William Ross Kilpatrick.

I think that the 5 month planning process added to my Mom's loss of sanity because I was not worried in the least about anything besides tying the knot. After finding my wedding dress and having my bridal portraits made, I found a new dress two weeks before our big day. It was crazy!

The Lord has been not just faithful, but bountiful in His blessings given to us. We have three beautiful little ones and countless memories. Just as I said in my vows on that day, Ross continues to have my deepest love and highest respect.

Oh how I love me some Ross!