Friday, April 15, 2011

We are still kickin'

Long time, no blog. Things have been ca..raa..zzy.

To see Jack now, you would never know that he had been such a sick little fella. He is doing great and we are so thankful. His sickness and all that went with it, seem like a bad dream. I still am so humbled when I reflect upon the outpouring of love and support that we received during that difficult time. Somehow, saying "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough. Believe me when I say that this Mommy is beyond grateful for each comment left and each prayer lifted.

Jack still wants to be held and spoken to. Leaving him alone can result in what we've come to call "Jack Attacks." By this we are referring to his temper that emerges. Boy does he ever get mad. His lungs are just fine at this point. We could stick him on top of the car and head to an emergency with our little siren blaring. All vehicles would clear out of our way. He's just that loud.

Just like his big brother, Jack can poke that bottom lip out like it's nobody's business. Truth be told, I want to sit and hold his little, pudgy self. For a while now we have officially had to lift a chin during bathtime to ensure a successful washing. Jack has decided that a healthy appetite is the best way to total health. He aspires to having fat rolls on his arms. I love a chubby baby.

And that smile. We are at the point where it is genuine and no longer just gas. Oh, what a little doll baby:)

Ellie Kate's take on it all was that "Jack went to the hospital so the doctors could take out all of his coughs and sneezes." She wanted to know what flavor medicine he was receiving. She said that pineapple was his favorite. She also wanted to make sure that the hospital had bandaides.

So during all of the insanity, we decided to sit back and take it easy...WRONG. Instead we continued following the Lord's leadership and moved to Ashland, Alabama. (Each topic mentioned here deserves it's own post, but I only have time for a quick little update so stick with me.) Transition is just the easiest thing...NOT.

"Bittersweet" is the only word that I can think of when descibing these recent changes. "Bitter" because we had to leave people that we loved dearly at First Baptist Church Reeltown. It was Ross' first church to pastor. We got to see the Lord move in amazing ways and we will always reflect upon our three years spent there with much fondness. "Sweet" because we know that it was the Lord guiding us in our decision to move. We can never go wrong when following His prompting. It has been exciting to meet the members of Ashland First Baptist. We feel privileged to be counted among another fellowship of believers who readily love the Lord and are eager to see what He has in store. If you've never moved with 3 children 4 and under well, my friend you don't know what you are missing.

Let me tell you what I am missing. My shoes. At least I know that they are safe. They will be in storage for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I will see them again when we move from our temporary home to the parsonage which is under renovation. As I walked room to room looking for the box that I had purposely packed my shoes away in, a vegetale song played in my head. "I got shoes. You got shoes. All God's children got shoes." they don't. So after an emergency shopping trip (thanks Nana), I returned with a few basic pairs of shoes to get me thru until I rediscover my packed away shoes. It could've been worse, we could be missing a certain white chihuahua. I think that Bunny was well aware of this danger as the movers packed everything in sight. She followed closely behind us. I even think I saw her carrying a candlestick incase she needed an emergency flare.

Our "temporary home" has a nice, big front porch. We sat on it yesterday afternoon waiting on Ross to come home. Ellie Kate stood on the railing, yelling to a little boy in a yard across the street. "Hey neighbor. Dis is Emmett. He's my brother." And when Ross pulled up,"Dat's my Daddy. His name is Woss. He's been workin' hard." She is a wealth of information. I'm quite sure that the little boy across the street with his pants sagging to reveal a view of his crack, was terribly impressed with all that she had yelled to him.

Ellie Kate has already had several discussions, wait. She has given several monologues to children that she has played with about how she used to live in "Weeltown." She always has to look to me to be reminded of the town in which we now live.

And just this morning, as Ross was up with Ellie Kate and Emmett, he found the Little Man in the bathroom giving his dinosaur a bath in the toilet. Such a little boy. His dinosaur sticketh in his hand closer than a brother.

Emmett has started talking more. He will randomly spout out words rather clearly. It is so stinkin' cute. I have a feeling that Emmett could actually carry on a rather lengthy conversation at this point, but why try to explain yourself when you've got a big sister who can negotiate for you? I still wonder at times as Emmett babbles, just how he came to be tri-lingual. I say that subtitles would be handy, but there are times when it is probably best that I don't know what his little stubborn self is saying.

I hope to start blogging on a more regular basis. This is by no means a cemented hope. You see I have come to realize that my best intentions and desires are quickly cast aside in the hustle of daily life. I'm okay with that. I would just really like to have a more consistent record of the happenings in our lives. Ross once noticed that I had taken several pictures of Emmett pitching a fit. When questioned I told him that one day I want to remind the little guy of the things he put his mommy thru so that he can have an appropriate appreciation for me.

I could write post after post filled with Ellie Kate quotes. That child is so dramatic. While staying with my parents recently, they went to a rodeo. Ellie Kate picked out a hat. No, not a basic, little cowgirl hat. We're talking pink with a feather rim and flashing crown. Subtle walked right out of the door unnoticed when she put that thing on. It too, is being kept safe in storage. This ensures a few Sundays that I won't have to insist that she not wear it to church. I will count it a blessing and one less battle to face. I've learned to choose those carefully. When you have a drama filled, argumentative four year old, you quickly learn that fashion isn't at the top of the list of things to conquer.

I have so much that I want to write, but life beckons in the form of a blue-eyed, two year old requesting "Duice".

(Just so you know, if I am locked away in jail, it's because my relationship with this computer took a violent turn. Apparently this post will appear as a looooong paragraph. And while I'm placing blame, my spelling and grammar here are without blemish. Yeah, this computer has a mind of it's own. I wonder if I carried it in my womb and then gave birth to it because it is currently reminding me of one of my children.)

Okay, now that I talked ugly about my computer, it decides to behave, well, sort of.