Friday, June 4, 2010

The discovery.

I went out of town this past weekend with my mom, sister, and nephew. Upon returning home on Sunday night, Ross and I began to talk about (how should I put this?) me. He said that he would give me until Wednesday and then if things hadn't started, he would buy me a pregnancy test. The possibility of being with child was just too much for me. I remembered one unused test that had fallen behind a drawer in my bathroom. Up until this point, I had been unable to retrieve it. So, salad tongs in hand, I disappeared to settle the matter.

No sooner had I taken the test than a "+" sign appeared. I was flooded with disbelief and excitement and I couldn't wait for Ross to join in my elation. My first thought was for Ellie Kate to be the bearer of good news. When those plans didn't pan out, I remembered that we had some hamburger buns. (The following is not original with me.) I picked out one of the buns that wasn't moldy and I placed it in the oven. Next, I picked up our video camera that had accompanied me on my weekend trip and started mumbling about something that I had recorded.

From the kitchen, I asked Ross if his mother had cooked something the previous weekend when she and his father had visited. He replied no and showed no suspicion to my line of questioning. I told him that something was in our oven and asked him again if his mother had cooked the previous weekend. At this point, he was sitting on the couch eating some spaghetti.

He said,"Do you want me to come and look?"
I replied,"Yes."

He said,"Well can I finish eating first?"

I replied,"No."

He was getting a little annoyed at this point, but he put his food down and came into the kitchen. He acted as if I had set something up to scare him. He cautiously opened the oven. He peered in as if something were going to jump out and get him. (See how he completely trusts my intentions?) He looked up at me with confusion as I was videoing the unfolding of events.

Then he said,"It's a hamburger bun."

Ellie Kate was standing by the oven, too.

This wasn't going as planned.

He held up the bun as I waited for the light bulb to illuminate above his head.

He repeated himself,"It's a hamburger bun."

So I asked him,"Where was the bun?"

He replied,"In the oven...(wheels turning)...YOU KNEW!"

I told him that ,yes, I was pregnant, but that I had only known for the previous five minutes at most.

Meanwhile, Ellie Kate is thriving off of our excitement and is celebrating because we literally have a hamburger bun in our oven.

Ross goes to the back with me to see the test. (I always need second...and third...and fourth opinions). It is just as I left it...POSITIVE.

After hugging me he says,"Aw, we've got to redo the video."

Take two.

Me (filming),"Honey, go look in the oven."

Ross,"Okay. (Walking over and opening the oven.) Whoa, a bun in the oven. Praise the Lord we're expecting."

Ellie Kate exclaims,"Pwaise da Worwd. Have mercy." (She is still excited to have a hamburger bun in our oven:)

We proceed to call our families.

The next morning, I decide to sit Ellie Kate down and tell her the big news. I say,"I'm going to have a baby."

She looks down at my tummy and says,"Dis morning?!?" Followed by,"I'm gonna feed herw, and wock herw,"and so on and so forth. I ask her if she thinks I'll have a boy or a girl. She says,"A girl. We'll call her Sweetie." She later says that I'm having a boy and a girl and we'll name the boy, Bouncey."

Upon learning of the news, Emmett replied (and I quote),"fakhs;fuhweohfisihldhhglu8oy....coooookie."

Our news has rekindled Ellie Kate's interest in her baby dolls. She has been tending to 'Dorothy' alot.

I had my first doctor visit on Wednesday. Ross graciously kept Emmett while Ellie Kate, Dorothy, and I headed to Auburn. Ellie Kate thought that we were going to pick up the baby:) She told the nurse about Bunny and Butler and even got a band aide to help her fake boo boo get better. She also told the doctor that,"My daddy's name is Brwudder Woss."

For now my due date is February 1, 2011. I have an appointment in two weeks to take some measurements. We'll have to see if my due date stands.

Until then I will try to think of the best way to answer my three year old's questions. Last night she wanted to know, "Is dat baby gonna come out of your belly button?" I told her that that was a great question, and that we would talk about it later.

Anyone out there with little curious ones who you want to be honest with but don't care for your answers to be broadcast again in say, public?